In the old Colonial Zone, there is a corner where children have fun while acquiring multiple knowledge of science, history, and culture. It is the best trampoline a space conceived for the family, in which two virtual characters, Polín and Polina, accompany the visitors on tour through nine thematic rooms, entertaining for others.

They are visited in an interactive tour that takes the children and adults to know what the universe and the celestial bodies are like, and then focus attention on the planet Earth.

Surprises wait in every corner, even a machine that simulates a high-intensity earthquake, to give an idea of how strong the earth can shake.

The world of dinosaurs is recreated in the Paleomundo room, with figures of animals and plants of the time. The exciting thing about the museum is that it is not about long talks with excess information, but that in each space visitors can see and experience a very close vision of reality in each topic.

 The critical issue of energy does not stay and precedes that of ecology and ecosystems, in which children learn about the characteristics of the environment and animals, creating awareness in them of why it is essential to preserve them.

Captivating audiovisual materials talk about the main national parks, explaining the climatic and biological characteristics of each of them.

In this museum the children know in detail the parts of their organism, being able even to touch replicas of the organs of the human body.